About Alessandro Tesoro

WP User Manager has been built by Alessandro Tesoro, a freelance web developer and web designer currently living in London, UK. Alessandro also runs ThemesDepot where he provide professional WordPress themes and plugins for thousands of people all around the world. He is very passionate about his job and loves WordPress. In his spare time he tweets and shares code. He enjoys cinema, tv series and videogames as well as walks in parks or by the Brighton Pier when is not too windy!

Why WP User Manager?

WP User Manager was born to satisfy the needs of the ThemesDepot’s WordPress Themes. Most of the themes developed on ThemesDepot, are “app themes”. These themes have advanced integrations with many different plugins and allow the user to create an advanced portal website, ranging from vehicles marketplaces to listings directories. Due to the features that these themes have, I needed a plugin that made managing users on a WordPress website much easier together with advanced front-end functionalities. WP User Manager solves this problem.