2.9.9 - 11th March 2024

  • Fix: Stripe subscriptions not connecting to user correctly
  • Fix: Password field not allowing special characters

2.9.8 - 19th November 2023

  • Fix: Unable to add new WPUM Blocks or edit existing ones
  • Fix: PHP 8.1 and 8.2 notices
  • Fix: Redirect loop when preventing access to the site unless logged in for sites installed in a subdirectory
  • Fix: Unable to submit WPUM forms as Elementor widgets
  • Fix: Displayed Stripe product prices incorrectly rounded to whole numbers
  • Fix: REST API endpoints not accessible when preventing access to the site unless logged in
  • Fix: Unable to remove all "Allowed Roles" in the custom field permissions tab
  • Fix: Unable to add blocks for the Likes, Private Content, and Social Login addons
  • Fix: Unable to delete custom role

2.9.7 - 23rd March 2023

  • Fix: WP User Manager custom blocks and block restriction settings now appear in the block editor

2.9.6 - 22nd March 2023

  • Improvement: Plugin now requires PHP 7.2+
  • Fix: PHP Fatal error: Cannot declare because the name is already in use in
  • Fix: Date picker on the account page now uses the correct display format

2.9.5 - 17th March 2023

  • Fix: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'WPUM\Walker_Nav_Menu_Edit' not found
  • Fix: Date picker not saving in correct format
  • Fix: Repeater fields not loading correctly

2.9.4 - 17th March 2023

  • Fix: Fatal error: Cannot declare because the name is already in use in errors

2.9.3 - 16th March 2023

  • Fix: Fatal errors on sites using Divi

2.9.2 - 16th March 2023

  • Fix: PHP 8 Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: spl_autoload_unregister(): Argument #1 ($callback) must be a valid callback

2.9.1 - 16th March 2023

  • Fix: PHP Fatal error failed opening required /includes/functions-scoped.php

2.9 - 16th March 2023

  • New: Collect payment for site access with credit cards using our Stripe integration
  • New: Use native Elementor widgets instead of WP User Manager shortcodes
  • New: Choose an image as the default avatar for users who haven't uploaded one
  • New: Compatibility with the Stripe Pro addon
  • Improvement: Registration success notice now shows on after registration redirect pages
  • Improvement: Third-party dependency code is now prefixed to avoid clashes with other plugins
  • Improvement: Storage date format for the Date picker field updated to 'Y-m-d' for standardization
  • Improvement: Date format for the Date picker field can be altered with the 'wpum_field_datepicker_date_format' filter
  • Fix: PHP notice on form submit with Repeater field with conditional logic

2.8.19 - 3rd February 2023

  • Improvement: Pagination for comments on the profile, with comments per page setting
  • Fix: Email customizer now works with the OceanWP theme
  • Fix: Conditional logic support for Repeater subfields

2.8.18 - 23rd January 2023

  • Fix: Code fixes using PHPStan (props szepeviktor)
  • Fix: Renaming a registration form now works correctly
  • Fix: Abort loading plugin early if plugin doesn't meet PHP or WP requirements
  • Fix: Newsletter email form on welcome page updated
  • Fix: Formatting on the welcome page
  • Fix: Updated documentation URLs

2.8.17 - 18th January 2023

  • New: Setting to partially obfuscate email addresses used as the user display name
  • Improvement: 'wpum_authentication_method_admin_override' filter to enforce admin logins with the correct username/email method
  • Fix: Headers for field groups with only hidden fields now don't render on the profile
  • Fix: Searching in a directory for users with apostrophes in their names now returns result
  • Fix: Redirecting to a URL with query parameters now retains the parameters after login

2.8.16 - 2nd January 2023

  • New: Compatibility with Likes addon
  • New: Blocks for Social Login Buttons and Private Content
  • Improvement: Profile permission settings now in a different tab in the admin
  • Fix: User role editor now saving grant and deny capabilities correctly
  • Fix: Profile Card block settings now working correctly
  • Fix: Undefined offset: 0 in wp-user-manager/includes/actions.php on line 117
  • Fix: Error log messages now not showing if a profile is accessed for a user that does not exist

2.8.15 - 21st December 2022

  • New: Compatibility with hCaptcha addon
  • Fix: Warning: Undefined array key “action” now not showing
  • Fix: Undefined offset: 0 when excluding roles from showing the admin bar

2.8.14 - 6th December 2022

  • Improvement: Saving a custom field with same unique key is now not allowed
  • Improvement: 'wpum_prevent_entire_site_access_allowed_urls' filter for allowing URLs when site access is prevented
  • Fix: Multiple checkboxes field now saving correctly
  • Fix: Existing file fields data in a repeater field are now preserved correctly on save
  • Fix: Menu item user role restriction now works as expected
  • Fix: Switching back to a user with the User Switching plugin now works as expected
  • Fix: Plugin admin scripts now not loading on every admin page
  • Fix: Hypens now allowed in unique meta key for custom fields

2.8.13 - 19th October 2022

  • Fix: User, User Role, and User Taxonomy fields now saving multiple values correctly

2.8.12 - 16th September 2022

  • Fix: Forms in widgets now render correctly
  • Fix: Multi select fields now rendered correctly when hidden with conditional logic

2.8.11 - 15th September 2022

  • Improvement: Links on the Already Logged In template can be filtered using the 'wpum_already_logged_in_links' filter
  • Fix: Password reset success message now renders HTML correctly
  • Fix: File field now correctly saving uploads
  • Fix: Sub pages for the account and profile page now loading when using an Elementor template

2.8.10 - 14th September 2022

  • Fix: Conditional logic settings now correctly saving when editing a field
  • Fix: Custom field unique meta keys now converted to lowercase to stop fatal errors

2.8.9 - 12th September 2022

  • Improvement: Options for dropdown, multiselect, checkbox and radio buttons fields can be pasted in
  • Improvement: Plugin coding standards improved
  • Fix: Account and profile subpages now correctly styled like the parent page when using page builder plugins
  • Fix: PHP notices now not thrown when using conditional logic with empty multiselect fields

2.8.8 - 16th August 2022

  • Security: File uploads now checked for matching file extension and file type before attempting to upload
  • Fix: HTML in form error messages now showing correctly
  • Fix: 'Edit account' string on the profile page now localized for translation

2.8.7 - 8th August 2022

  • Fix: PHP Notice: Undefined index preventing form submission on some installs

2.8.6 - 7th August 2022

  • Improvement: Conditional logic for fields now supported for both the Custom Fields and ACF addons
  • Fix: Change Password account form now loading correctly after save
  • Fix: Account and profile sub pages now inheriting the parent page template which was broken in WordPress 6.0
  • Fix: Saving Divi pages now not throwing fatal errors on some installs
  • Fix: Registration form error messages now using the general-error.php template

2.8.5 - 25th May 2022

  • Fix: Account and profile sub pages now working with WordPress 6.0

2.8.4 - 22nd May 2022

  • Tested with WordPress 6.0
  • Fix: Plugin now compatible with sites with object caching enabled

2.8.3 - 12th May 2022

  • Fix: Field names with apostrophes now don't have slashes added
  • Fix: Prevent site access now compatible with Social Login addon

2.8.2 - 1st May 2022

  • Improvement: Redirect URL after login can now be filtered with 'wpum_login_redirect_to_url' filter when restricting content
  • Fix: Password reset page now accessible when preventing access to the whole site
  • Fix: Email settings tab now only showing for File fields
  • Fix: File field help hint now includes jpeg in the example file extensions for clarity
  • Fix: WP User Manager addons now showing as tested up to the minor WordPress versions correctly

2.8.1 - 25th February 2022

  • Fix: User password now not regenerated when other plugins create users when using a 'password' field
  • Fix: WP CLI commands now working when the site is locked

2.8 - 24th February 2022

  • New: Sites can now be completely locked from access unless users are logged in
  • New: Email sent to the site administrator when a new user registers can now be customized like other emails from the email screen
  • New: File fields can now be attached to new user registration emails with the Custom Fields addon
  • New: Emails can now be disabled from the email screen
  • New: Directory sorting option is now filterable with 'wpum_directory_sort_options' to allow setting custom sort field
  • Improvement: User is now alerted if they have unsaved field settings and try to change settings tabs
  • Fix: 'Username or email' string now used to match WordPress and leverage existing string translations

2.7.2 - 11th February 2022

  • New: Max character length setting now supported on text, textarea, email, password, url and number field types
  • New: Field wrapper settings of class, width, and ID for appearance on registration forms

2.7.1 - 10th January 2022

  • Fix: 'The link you followed has expired' message now doesn't show when deleting users from the admin user table

2.7 - 3rd January 2022

  • New: Compatibility with the WooCommerce addon version 1.2, integrated checkout in registration forms
  • New: Users can now have multiple roles
  • New: Custom fields can now be conditionally visible by user role
  • Fix: Most WPUM blocks can now be restricted using the block settings
  • Fix: Block restriction now working for legacy widgets in the widget editor
  • Fix: PHP notice block_categories is deprecated since version 5.8.0!

2.6.9 - 24th November 2021

  • Improvement: Directory meta fields only registered when needed, improves performance
  • Improvement: Field types can now be set with the class as well as the filter
  • Fix: Text displayed on the profile when a user does not have any posts improved
  • Fix: Screenshots removed from the plugin directory

2.6.8 - 6th November 2021

2.6.7 - 26th October 2021

  • Fix: Notice: Undefined property: WPUM_Form_Registration::$form_id

2.6.6 - 19th October 2021

  • New: Frontend user profile pages can now be disabled for sites that don't require that functionality
  • Improvement: Administrators can now log in with email address or username regardless of setting
  • Fix: Calls to get registered field types now reduced to improve performance
  • Fix: Dropdown containing pages now updated when a page is deleted

2.6.5 - 16th September 2021

  • Improvement: 'wpum_registration_form_field_default' filter added for registration form fields with default values
  • Fix: Password reset flow not working for usernames with spaces in them
  • Fix: Registration forms list table has buttons overspilling at some widths
  • Fix: wp-admin redirect gets cached by the browser

2.6.4 - 24th August 2021

  • Fix: Some registration form settings not saving correctly
  • Fix: Admin notices breaking the styling of the plugin settings page
  • Fix: PHP Notice: Undefined property: WPUM_Emails::$user_login during user registration

2.6.3 - 20th August 2021

  • Security Fix: Use cookie based flow for password recovery process to match WordPress core (props @stiofansisland)
  • Fix: WP_DB_Table class could be loaded by other plugins
  • Improvement: 'wpum_profile_edit_account_text' filter added for 'Edit account' string

2.6.2 - 14th June 2021

  • Improvement: Added $args as the third parameter to the 'wpum_get_avatar_url' filter
  • Fix: Uncaught TypeError: wpum_blocks.blocks['post-form'] is undefined console error
  • Fix: Role editor not enabled by default on new installs

2.6.1 - 30th April 2021

  • New: Support for creating forms to capture data after registration with the Registration Forms addon
  • New: Groups directory block for the Groups addon
  • New: Frontend Posting form block for the Frontend Posting addon
  • Fix: Content restriction block settings not working with some blocks
  • Fix: Fatal error when field user meta key contains special characters
  • Fix: Don't allow field types to be used if not supported by the installed version of the Custom Fields addon

2.6 - 12th April 2021

  • New: Frontend Posting addon
  • New: Conditional logic for custom fields with the Custom Fields addon
  • New: User field type
  • New: Allow using the {recovery_url} in the registration email
  • New: Filter 'wpum_send_registration_admin_email' to abort sending registration confirmation email to user
  • New: Always allow admins to view member profiles
  • New: Action 'wpum_before_registration_start' before registration
  • New: Add the ability to show the post thumbnails on the profile posts template with the 'wpum_profile_posts_display_thumbnail' filter, turned off by default
  • Improvement: Placeholder used in multiselect fields
  • Fix: Undefined function 'use_block_editor_for_post_type' on WordPress installs before 5.0
  • Fix: 'WP_DB_Table' class already exists on some installs
  • Fix: File extension validation not working if there are spaces after commas
  • Fix: Block restriction by logged in state not working for some blocks

2.5 - 25th January 2021

  • New: Security addon: Add password security features and user login management features
  • New: Multi-step registration forms with the Registration Forms addon
  • New: Allow users to set the privacy for their profile to hide from guests and/or other users
  • New: Taxonomy field with the Custom Fields addon
  • New: Hidden field type
  • New: Default value for text, hidden, number, radio, dropdown, and textarea fields on registration forms
  • New: Support for setting default field values from a query string
  • Improvement: Add pattern validation to number and text fields
  • Improvement: Add privacy policy URL and blog name arguments to 'wpum_privacy_text' filter
  • Fix: Blocks restricted by user logged in before 2.4.2 not working
  • Fix: User meta field values set as false when creating a user from the wp-admin
  • Fix: Incorrect prefixes in filters for password recovery and change forms
  • Fix: Repeater add button not working if multiple forms on one page

2.4.2 - 23rd December 2020

  • New: Shortcode for restricting content to logged out users only
  • New: Restrict blocks content to logged out users only
  • New: Add block & shortcode argument to show or hide restricted message
  • Improvement: WPML addon compatibility improvements
  • Improvement: Other addon compatibility tweaks
  • Improvement: License checking for addons
  • Fix: PHP warning if no users/roles selected for block restriction
  • Fix: Menu item settings not showing if another plugin extends Walker_Nav_Menu_Edit

2.4.1 - 11th December 2020

  • New: Enable plugin auto-updates for WP User Manager addons
  • Fix: PHP Warning: array_map(): Expected parameter 2 to be an array when a viewing an empty repeater field
  • Fix: Undefined $ JavaScript notice on the WPUM Licenses page
  • Fix: Carbon Fields JavaScript notice on the WPUM Licenses page
  • Fix: Plugin table addon update notice rows styled differently to others

2.4 - 11th December 2020

  • New: Roles editor to add, edit and delete user roles, and customize role capabilities
  • New: Repeater field with the Custom Fields addon
  • New: Setting to control the default display name for registered users
  • New: Setting to restrict the wp-admin dashboard for specific roles
  • New: Compatibility with WordPress 5.6 and PHP 8
  • New: Compatibility with WordPress Twenty Twenty-One theme
  • Improvement: Warning notice when the site permalinks are set as the plain default, which breaks profile and account pages
  • Improvement: Added 'wpum_admin_pages_capability' filter for the capability to show plugin admin pages
  • Improvement: Added filters to control the strong password requirements
  • Improvement: Datepicker field value now returned in the localized format
  • Improvement: Email and password fields added to the registration form by default on plugin install
  • Fix: PHP Notice: Undefined offset: 0 in registration form when no role selected
  • Fix: PHP Notice: Undefined index: priority (again)
  • Fix: Wrong text domain for 'current password' (props apermo)

2.3.13 - 23rd November 2020

  • New: WPML addon. Give your users to translate custom fields, field Groups, registrations forms, and emails using WPML
  • Improvement: Add 'wpum_directory_users' and 'wpum_directory_users_total' filters to allow changing of users displayed in a directory
  • Improvement: Added hooks and filters for developers to use around login, and profile updates
  • Improvement: Profile page styling
  • Improvement: Directory responsive styling
  • Improvement: File URLs now linked on profile
  • Fix: Incorrect text domain and outdated .pot file
  • Fix: PHP Notice: Undefined index: priority
  • Fix: Warning: implode(): Invalid arguments passed on file upload
  • Fix: Incorrect terms page link in registration form if terms link is enabled but page not selected
  • Fix: Field group description styling
  • Fix: Delete field button styling issue

2.3.12 - 12th October 2020

  • New: Groups addon. Give your users the ability to create and join groups
  • New: Private Content addon. Provide private content for all your users, as well as user specific content so you can tailor for each member
  • New: Content Restriction Plus addon. One-click restriction to posts, pages and custom post types
  • Improvement: Add 'wpum_send_registration_admin_email' filter to allow disabling the admin emails on user register
  • Fix: Password protected posts redirecting to login after entering password, when wp-login.php is restricted in settings
  • Fix: Avatar overlapping name in user directory on some themes
  • Fix: User directory not full width on some themes

2.3.11 - 23rd September 2020

  • Addon compatibility fixes

2.3.10 - 18th September 2020

  • Improvement: Added field type icons to the fields in the edit registration form screen
  • Improvement: Validate email addresses on registration form submission in case HTML validation disabled
  • Fix: Settings not saved on installs that force a trailing slash to the URL
  • Fix: Fatal error if same page chosen for the profile and account pages
  • Fix: Change page title to 'Log In' instead of 'Login'
  • Fix: Images stretched on the addons page
  • Fix: Translation issue in terms text

2.3.9 - 28th August 2020

  • New: Compatibility with WordPress 5.5
  • Improvement: Add filter 'wpum_admin_registration_confirmation_email_attachments' for attachments for the new registration admin email
  • Improvement: Add filter 'wpum_registration_enabled' to override the users_can_register setting
  • Fix: Registration form checkbox settings not persisting after save
  • Fix: Registration form block showing register link instead of login link

2.3.8 - 26th June 2020

  • Fix: Fatal error if Personal Data or Delete Account addon activated but no premium addons

2.3.7 - 23th June 2020

  • New: Compatibility with Registration Forms addon v1.1.0 - add custom HTML to your registration forms
  • Fix: Personal Data and Delete Account addons not receiving updates

2.3.6 - 9th June 2020

  • New: Newsletter addon which integrates with the Newsletter plugin
  • Improvement: Simplified avatar image styling on the profile page
  • Fix: Fatal error at registration if user can select their role
  • Fix: Duplicated image file field if registration is prevented due to a validation error

2.3.5 - 1st June 2020

  • New: Directory search - dropdown to select which fields to search in (compatible with Custom Fields addon)
  • New: Advanced Custom Fields addon. Collect ACF user data at registration and allow users to see and edit the data on their profile
  • New: Compatibility with Custom Fields addon v2.1.0 - new field types (Video, Audio, WYSIWYG, Telephone), directory search integration
  • Fix: Directory search returning incorrect results when directory limited by role
  • Fix: File upload size not validating on the registration form
  • Fix: File upload max size not displaying on the registration form
  • Fix: Password reset form not validating that both passwords are the same when the setting to not enforce strong passwords is enabled

2.3.4 - 7th May 2020

  • Improvement: Filters 'wpum_profile_display_cover_image' and 'wpum_profile_display_avatar' to control displaying the profile cover and avatar images
  • Improvement: Filter 'wpum_redirect_after_login' to customize the redirect URL after login for users
  • Improvement: Filter 'wpum_form_error_message' to allow filtering error messages, useful for translations
  • Fix: Custom fields and registration forms pages don't load when using the Site Kit by Google plugin
  • Fix: Addon emails being overwritten if plugin is deactivated and activated again

2.3.3 - 27th April 2020

  • Fix: Settings page doesn't load when using the Site Kit by Google plugin

2.3.2 - 26th March 2020

  • New: Compatibility with Registration Forms v1.0.4
  • Fix: Fatal error with when using the Avada theme and Fusion Builder
  • Fix: Directory search doesn't work when custom fields added to search keys
  • Fix: Emails not sending if wpum_email option doesn't exist
  • Fix: Delete registration form button appearing for default form

2.3.1 - 28th February 2020

  • Fix: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function is_user_logged_in() on some installs, especially ClassicPress sites

2.3 - 26th February 2020

  • New: Block Editor support! New WPUM blocks for login form, registration form, user directories, and more
  • Improvement: Add current password field as confirmation when changing the password on the Account page (enabled with the 'Require Current Password' account setting)
  • Fix: User not redirected to profile page after logging in, when logged out and clicking on the the link in the restricted content message

2.2.3 - 3rd February 2020

  • Fix: Directory dropdowns for 'Sort By' and 'Results per page' not working unless Search button clicked
  • Improvement: Filter 'wpum_get_profile_tab_url' to allow developers to customize the URL of a profile tab link

2.2.2 - 18th January 2020

  • New: Compatibility with Registration Forms v1.0.2 (Directories integration)

2.2.1 - 7th January 2020

  • Fix: Password not set correctly when creating users via wp-admin
  • Fix: Viewing addon plugin details not showing changelog when updates available

2.2 - 6th January 2020

  • New: Registration Forms addon. Create unlimited registration forms and have full control over form settings.
  • Improvement: Registration form settings moved from main settings page to the form itself
  • Fix: PHP 7.1 compatibility issues in wp-optionskit dependency
  • Improvement: Filter 'wpum_admin_registration_confirmation_email_recipient' to allow developers to customize the email recipient of the admin registration confirmation email
  • Improvement: Filter 'wpum_admin_registration_confirmation_email_headers' to allow developers to customize the email headers of the admin registration confirmation email

2.1.14 - 12th November 2019

  • Improvement: Registration form fields automatically migrated when migrating to v2
  • Fix: Registration and password recovery email content lost during migration to v2
  • Fix: Settings not saved when DISABLE_FILE_MODS constant is defined true

2.1.13 - 7th November 2019

  • New: WooCommerce addon. Allow members to update their billing and shipping addresses, display product purchases, reviews and more!
  • Tweak: Added 'wpum_directory_search_query_args' filter for the directory query arguments
  • Fix: Checkbox padding style issue in the edit directory screen
  • Fix: PHP 7 compatibility warnings
  • Fix: Ensure the current user is set on login
  • Fix: Fatal error when viewing the plugin details for an addon that has an update

2.1.12 - 19th October 2019

  • New: reCaptcha paid addon with support for the Google reCAPTCHA API v3, and API v2 invisible and checkbox reCAPTCHAs.
  • Update wp-optionskit package

2.1.11 - 16th October 2019

  • Fix: User avatar not saved if changing an existing image on the edit account page
  • Fix: Select, dropdown and multiselect fields set as readonly can still be changed
  • Fix: Date fields set as readonly still have the date picker and can be changed
  • Fix: PHP Warning: Cannot use a scalar value as an array on first install

2.1.10 - 4th October 2019

  • Improvement: Allow the avatar and cover image fields to be added to the registration form
  • Fix: Premium Addons not receiving updates
  • Fix: Incorrect wording about login behaviour

2.1.9 - 27th September 2019

  • WP User Manager has been acquired by Pole Vault Web
  • Improvement: Added Homepage option for login, logout, and registration redirects for sites showing blog posts as the homepage
  • Improvement: Filter wpum_directory_search_meta_keys for user meta keys involved in directory search
  • Fix: Directory search not finding users when searching by first/last name
  • Fix: Excluded usernames check not performing case insensitive check

2.1.8 - 18th August 2019

  • Tweak: improved data escaping in some areas.
  • Tweak: added filters for developers to modify the profile and content restriction messages.
  • Fix: readonly attribute for textarea hiding placeholder.
  • Fix: redirect to login page when wp-login is locked instead of the homepage.
  • Fix: some characters not accepted into urls for account and profile page.

2.1.7 - 1st August 2019

  • Tweak: updated language files to use last version of all strings.
  • Tweak: added new filter for developers that allows to modify the subject and content of the registration confirmation email sent to administrators.

2.1.6 - 11th July 2019

  • Fix: issue with custom avatars not loading.

2.1.5 - 11th July 2019

  • Tweak: updated widgets generator dependency.
  • Tweak: updated admin notices generator dependency.
  • Tweak: updated templates loader dependency.
  • Tweak: added hook after the user changes his password from the account page.
  • Tweak: added hook after the user recovers his password from the forgotten password form.
  • Fix: cover field in the admin panel would disappear when custom avatars were disabled.

2.1.4 - 20th June 2019

  • Fix: admin role should be excluded from menu items unless selected
  • Tweak: added utility function for developers to fields groups class.
  • Tweak: reduced queries when loading fields in account form.
  • Tweak: lowered priority of certain menu items in the account form page.

2.1.3 - 24th May 2019

  • Tweak: show an alert to automatically fix missing data when default data hasn't installed.
  • Fixed: finish first time data installation after the whole plugin has booted.

2.1.2 - 13th May 2019

  • Added: option to disable profile cover image field.
  • Fixed: lock access to wp-login.php when enabled.
  • Fixed: make sure url is correctly formatted on account page.
  • Fixed: make sure pages are published before adding rewrite rules.

2.1.1 - 24th April 2019

  • Added: private pages can now be selected through the pages settings in the options panel.
  • Fixed: profile page not working when username has special characters.
  • Fixed: verify file before uploading - thanks to @kushsharma.
  • Fixed: max upload size description function not receiving field attributes properly - thanks to @kushsharma.
  • Fixed: edge case preventing options panel to save settings due to capability missing.
  • Fixed: custom password overwritten when creating a new user manually in the admin panel.

2.1.0 - 25th March 2019

  • Added: custom WPUM registration confirmation email is now sent when creating new users from the admin panel.

2.0.9 - 25th February 2019

  • Fix: prevent wp-login.php redirect when the setting is disabled
  • Fix: wrongly formatted urls in emails when using third party email providers
  • Fix: read only setting for fields not working
  • Fix: file max size setting not working
  • Fix: login fails when username is email and login method is set to username
  • Fix: login widget settings not working
  • Tweak: added automatic data installation fixer

2.0.8 - 22nd October 2018

  • Fix: when avatars disabled the avatar field would still be visible
  • Fix: when changing password, verification fails to detect if passwords do not match
  • Fix: when changing password, the form would redirect to the main account page instead of showing the success message
  • Tweak: added a toggle to disable the built-in custom menus controller

2.0.7 - 19th September 2018

  • Fix: profile tabs not correctly loading content in some cases.

2.0.6 - 10th September 2018

  • Fix: detection of multiple selected roles within menu visibility rules.
  • Fix: encode printing of profile urls.
  • Fix: allow spaces and email addresses as usernames when viewing profiles.

2.0.5 - 31st July 2018

  • Added: option to disable the built-in strong passwords verification - Users -> settings -> profiles
  • Fixed: password update confirmation notice not visible
  • Fixed: default emails content not installed during plugin's first installation
  • Fixed: profile picture sizing within the account page
  • Tweak: updated language files

2.0.4 - 23th July 2018

  • Tweak: make "username and email" default login method on plugin first install
  • Tweak: no longer show 404 error when accessing the profile page and not logged in
  • Fix: redirect loop with the account page when not logged in
  • Fix: pages disappearing in some instances when the profile page is not properly configured
  • Fix: avatar upload not working on some setups
  • Fix: fatal error on plugin activation when using Yoast SEO
  • Fix: settings page empty or showing error in some cases

2.0.3 - 10th July 2018

  • Fix: error when automatic login after registration is enabled which caused an issue with WooCommerce
  • Fix: password recovery broken on older php versions
  • Fix: licensing system looking for temporary url instead of live url
  • Fix: order of password customization fields on older php versions
  • Fix: updated language files
  • Fix: force hide avatar field if option not enabled
  • Feature: automatically hide "view profile" and disable routing system if no profile page is selected in the admin panel
  • Fix: addon license required message still showing when license successfully activated
  • Fix: search by fist name and last name in user directory

2.0.2 - 2nd July 2018

  • Fix: migration routine not working in some cases.
  • Fix: login redirect not working in some cases.
  • Fix: compatibility of some functionalities with older php versions.

2.0.1 - 29th June 2018

  • Fix: too many parameters sent to the menu editor hook
  • Fix: redirect loop when required pages aren't setup as they're supposed to

2.0.0 - 28th June 2018


  • Feature: uploaded pdf files are now downloadable through the user's profile.


  • Fix: registration email not sending at the correct time when random password generated.
  • Fix: hide datepicker field - was not meant to be there right now


  • Fix: registration date in directory not translatable
  • Fix: can't update profile when avatar field is required and image already uploaded
  • Fix: {recovery_url} Generates Non-clickable Email Hyperlink on Yahoo and Hotmail
  • Fix: directory doesn't respect the role filter if you search by first/last name


  • Added: Control visibility of menu items by user status and/or role.
  • Added: Ability to send test email.
  • Added: Post author url will now redirect to wpum user profile.
  • Fixed: User profile page document title, did not display site name.
  • Tweak: "View Profile" link in backend will now open in a new window.


  • fixed: template loader failed to retrieve email templates when customized.
  • fixed: multiple duplicate results when searching for users within a directory.


Checkout an overview of the new features here https://wpusermanager.com/?p=17930

  • added: single profile page document title will now include the user's display name.
  • added: password field will now show a "show password" checkbox.
  • added: login link shortcode is now hidden when user's logged in.
  • added: settings import and export will now include email settings.
  • added: role field will now automatically set WP's default role as default option into registration form.
  • added: login link in restriction shortcode message will now redirect to previously visited page.
  • added: some fields can now be set as read-only.
  • added: some fields can now be removed from the account editing page and set as available to admins only.
  • added: user directory can now search for first name and last name.
  • added: developers can now change the order of the tabs within the account page.
  • fixed: deprecated notice into a template file.
  • fixed: file upload functionality ignored max file size setting from custom fields addon.
  • fixed: checkbox field into backend user's editing page not showing saved options when updated from frontend.
  • removed: fields restore option no longer needed.
  • removed: referral login redirect option - caused too much confusion.


  • fixed: registration email not sending when auto login + redirect was enabled.


  • tweak: registration email is sent after successful registration hook ( for developers ).
  • fixed: password strength validation missing on password reset form.
  • fixed: undefined variable within psw reset form.
  • fixed: unable to register when using the nickname permalink structure.
  • addded: pt_pt language.


  • fixed: Nickname field displays improperly formatted nickname.
  • fixed: emails are erased and re-created if plugin is disabled and activated again.
  • fixed: minor css enhancements to the fields editor.
  • fixed: profile won't load if username has spaces.
  • fixed: directory pagination not correctly offsetting when adjusting results per page.
  • fixed: directory searches only for currently paginated results if results per page were manually adjusted.
  • fixed: registration form would try to send an email when someone tries to register with an existing username.


  • fixed: tool to fix missing fields from previous bug, did not actually fix fields.


  • Added: tool to manually fix broken fields from previous bug.
  • Added: pt_BR translation.
  • fixed: slashes - escaping in fields names and descriptions.
  • fixed: slashes - escaping in field groups names and descriptions.
  • fixed: password reset shortcode expects parameters.


  • Updated: German translation (thanks to Tobias)


  • Added: License updater handler for addons.
  • Added: Dutch language support thanks to Patrick


  • Fixed: issue with default required fields setting themselves as non required when saving the field settings.

To fix the issue please press the upgrade button into the WP dashboard upon updating the plugin.c


Checkout an overview of all the new features here https://wpusermanager.com/?p=16236

  • Added: you can now import and export the plugin's settings from a site to another.
  • Added: basic search form functionality into user directories.
  • Added: developers now have access to a whole new user fields query class similar to WP_Query.
  • Added: option to always force redirect after login and remove referral page redirect.
  • Added: password recovery link to wpum dynamic menu items in menu manager.
  • Added: you can now choose to hide/show fields into the user profile when editing a field.
  • Added: first name and last name fields can now display full name too into user profile page.
  • Added: profile page now displays fields group title and description.
  • Added: several new functions, filters and actions for developers for advanced customizations.
  • Added: language file updated with new strings.
  • Added: compatibility for custom fields addon.

  • Tweaked: removed admin redirect after plugin update.

  • Tweaked: removed unused options from options panel.
  • Tweaked: several improvements to fields classes and output.
  • Tweaked: user directory will display it's layout even when no users have been found.
  • Tweaked: several improvements to fields html output into forms.
  • Tweaked: restructured files upload functionality
  • Tweaked: fields in profile page have custom classes.
  • Tweaked: minor adjustments to profile layout.
  • Tweaked: admin role can now be selected for directories.
  • Tweaked: minor adjustments to fields list in user profile.
  • Tweaked: deleting a group will now also delete it's fields.
  • Tweaked: adjustments to fields validation in forms.
  • Tweaked: minor ux adjustments to the fields editor.

  • Fixed: display correct field type within fields table.

  • Fixed: Registration redirect not working when automatic login selected.
  • Fixed: typo into already logged in message.


Checkout an overview of all the new features here https://wpusermanager.com/?p=16082

  • Added: Users Overview admin dashboard widget
  • Added: Improved WordPress menu manager with logged-in and logged-out user specific links
  • Added: Login link shortcode
  • Added: Visually highlight required fields
  • Added: "View Profile" link into admin users table
  • Added: Login form can now redirect to previously visited page
  • Added: Login form can now redirect to another page via url query string redirect_to
  • Added: You can now redirect users to a new page after successful Registration
  • Added: Password meter to password recovery form
  • Added: You can now upload a custom logo above html emails
  • Added: You can now redirect users to another page when they try to reset their password through the wp-login.php form
  • Added: Password strength meter will now show different colors based on password strength
  • Added: Simplified Chinese translation
  • Tweaked: adjusted widget field description alignment into admin panel
  • Tweaked: text spacing in plaintext emails
  • Tweaked: simplified description of options into plugin settings panel
  • Tweaked: removed duplicated code
  • Fixed: users unable to view their own profile pages when members not allowed to view other users profiles

  • Developers: introduced wpum_new_user_notification function to send registration email

  • Developers: introduced wpum_get_core_page_url filter
  • Developers: introduced wpum_login_redirect_url filters
  • Developers: added wpum_dashboard_widget_top and wpum_dashboard_widget_bottom actions
  • Developers: introduced wpum_registration_redirect_url function


  • added: German language support. Thanks to Tobias
  • fixed: users unable to login under certain conditions
  • fixed: users unable to update their profile when using nickname permalink structure
  • fixed: wrong email being sent to the user if it was created manually via the admin panel
  • tweak: wpum_get_login_redirect_url() now uses wp_login_form() redirect parameter by default


  • fixed: restrict file types that can be upload as avatar only to images
  • fixed: creation of additional folder on server when uploading avatars


  • added: French language support. Thanks to Doxtra
  • fixed: wrong nonce name for emails restore
  • fixed: removed nonce validation from login form, this was a leftover from the plugin's beta
  • fixed: removed unused code in ajax handler Class
  • fixed: login via email and username or email not working
  • fixed: remove query string after login when redirecting to same page
  • fixed: malformed query string when using captcha + wrong login details
  • fixed: random password generation registration broken in wp4.3
  • updated: language files


  • Added: added: better way to find and select pages within the admin panel
  • Added: allow developers to override the default css file by placing it into the theme
  • Fixed: custom template for directory not working
  • fixed: custom template loading for profile card shortcode
  • fixed: success message still displaying if an error occures when updating the account details - resulting in both success and error message showing up
  • fixed: fields not correctly ordered upon installation


  • Added: Russian language file support. Thanks to Ctajleh
  • Adjusted: use WP core function when a user deletes the avatar
  • Adjusted: redirect to welcome screen only for major updates
  • Fixed: show correct success message upon registration when random password is generated
  • Fixed: install tables, fields and groups only if first install
  • Fixed: emails editor not saving emails correctly


Just released ;)