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ACF v1.2

Connect your ACF user data with WP User Manager. Add fields to the registration form and allow users to see and edit the data on their profile.

Content Restriction v1.3.5

Improves WP User Manager’s native content restriction by adding better control of who sees your content.

Custom Fields v2.5.8

Create unlimited custom fields and groups for user profiles and registration form with a drag & drop interface.

Delete Account v1.0.2

Allows the user to delete their own profile from the frontend account page of your website.

Frontend Posting v1.1.10

Allow your users to submit posts and other content from the frontend.

Google reCaptcha v1.0.8

State of the art spam & abuse protection for your website. Stop spam registrations on your website.

Groups v1.2.3

Give your users the ability to create and join groups.

hCaptcha v1.0

Stop more bots. Start protecting user privacy with hCaptcha.

Likes v1.0

Allow your users to like posts, pages and other content

Mailchimp v2.0.8

Subscribe your members to Mailchimp lists easily during registration with this WP User Manager extension.

Personal Data v1.1.5

Allow the user to request an export/erasure of personal data from the account page of your website.

Private Content v1.0

Show users private content only visible to them. Set content to be shown to all users, as well as content specific to a user.

Registration Forms v1.3.8

Create unlimited registration forms and have full control over form settings.

Security v1.3.4

Increase security of your site with essential security features.

Social Login v2.1.0

Allow your users to quickly login and register with their favorite social network account.

Stripe Pro v1.0.1

Allow your users to pay for site access with credit card using Stripe

User Verification v2.1.6

Send a verification link via email upon registration or manually approve users before they can login.

WooCommerce v1.2.2

Integration with WooCommerce. Allow members to update their addresses, display purchases, reviews and more!

WPML v1.0.3

Translate your custom fields, field groups, registrations forms, and emails using the WPML translation plugin.