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Registration Forms addon

Create unlimited registration forms and have full control over form settings.

Create unlimited registration forms

WP User Manager has only one registration form, but this can be limiting for some. With the Registration Forms addon you can create unlimited registration forms. Want one form for your users to register with, and another for site admins? No problem. Each form has a role setting. In fact most all the registration form settings can be customized for each form.

Full control over form settings

Each registration form has its own settings. Select how a user’s role is assigned, choose if they get automatically logged in, as well as having full control over the registration options that other addons configure:

Directories Integration

Configure your directories to only display users who have registered through specific registration forms.

This is great for sites that don’t use roles to categorise their users, but register different types of users with different registration forms.

Enhanced Shortcode Editor

Select which registration form you want on a page using the enhanced shortcode editor with form select.

See how many times the registration form is used

View a count of all the users signed up through each registration form.

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Extension details

WordPress:  4.9 or higher

Version:  1.0.5

Last updated:  March 27, 2020