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Registration Forms screenshot

Customize and create multiple Registration Forms

Create unlimited registration forms and have control over their design.

Customize Your Registration Forms

Design your registration forms with custom HTML.

Create Unlimited Registration Forms

Create unlimited registration forms to collect different user data depending on their type.

Settings Per Form

Each registration form has its own settings including the options other addons create.

Ready to get started?

The Registration Forms addon is available as part of the Pro addon bundle.

Registration form custom HTML

Customize Your Registration Forms

Take control over how your forms look

Add Custom HTML

Use the WYSIWYG editor to add custom HTML and place it before or after any field.

Edit Custom Fields

Edit fields on the registration form right from the form editor.

Packed with Features

Get to know what the Registration Forms addon has to offer.

Create Unlimited Registration Forms

WP User Manager has only one registration form, but this addon you can create unlimited registration forms.

  • Different forms for different roles
  • Collect different data for different users
Create Unlimited Registration Forms screenshot
Full Control Over Form settings

Each registration form has its own settings. Select how a user’s role is assigned, choose if they get automatically logged in, as well as having full control over the registration options that other addons configure:

  • Social Login
  • Username Length
Full Control Over Form settings screenshot
Directories Integration

Configure your directories to only display users who have registered through specific registration forms. This is great for sites that don’t use roles to categorise their users, but register different types of users with different registration forms.

Directories Integration screenshot
Block, Widget & Shortcode Support

Select which registration form you want to display on a page using the block editor block, widget or shortcode.

  • Block Editor support
  • Classic Editor support
Block, Widget & Shortcode Support screenshot
Registration Form Statistics

View a count of all the users signed up through each registration form.

Registration Form Statistics screenshot

Ready to get started?

The Registration Forms addon is available as part of the Pro addon bundle.

Extensive Documentation

Thorough and detailed documentation to get you up and running using the Registration Forms addon.

Read documentation

Technical Details
  • Requires WordPress 4.9 or higher
  • Latest version 1.1.1
  • Latest updated September 18, 2020