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Colorado, US Daniela Dewitt

Passionate marketer, educator, loves travel photography.

Discover The Best WordPress User Membership Plugin

Check out the full spec and start using these tools today.

Grow and engagement illustration

Grow Your Community & Boost Engagement

Create and Engage a Community with WordPress

Beautiful Email Notifications

Customize every email you send – align the content of email notifications with your brand and send through the built-in editor.

Personalized Avatars

Users can create/manage their own online profiles and customize online identities with an avatar of their choice.

Clear User Directories

Create easy-to-browse user directories, with avatars, pagination and personal details.

Simple SEO

No more ugly URLs! You get an SEO-friendly URL structure for personal profile pages. All URLs are easy to read for search engines.

Social Login Plus & Pro only

Allow users to quickly login and register with their favorite social network account. Learn more

Mailchimp Integration Plus & Pro only

Easily subscribe your members to Mailchimp during registration. Keep their user data in sync with Mailchimp. Learn more

Groups Pro only

Connect your members with groups that they can create, join, and be part of a wider community. Learn more

Collect Payment Pro only

Collect payment from your users at registration with WooCommerce. Restrict access to only those who have paid. Learn more

Fast & Simple Customization Tools

Customizing Your WordPress Membership Site Has Never Been Easier or Faster

Customization illustration
Smooth Integration

WP User Manager works right out of the box and within seconds. It integrates seamlessly with your WordPress website and many other plugins.

User Roles & Capabilities Editor

Edit user roles and capabilities to control user permissions. Add new roles or duplicate existing ones. Learn more

Custom Fields Plus & Pro only

Users can create/manage their own online profiles and customize online identities with an avatar of their choice. Learn more

Conditional Logic for Fields Plus & Pro only

Conditionally show or hide fields based on values of other fields. Learn more

Registration Forms Pro only

Create unlimited registration forms and take control over form settings. Learn more

Blocks & Shortcodes New

Works out of the box with the Block Editor and has shortcode support.

Quick Widgets

Our helpful widgets make it easy to embed forms into any widgetized area of your website, just drag & drop them.

WooCommerce Integration Pro only

Connect WooCommerce to allow your users to have deep integration with your store. Learn more

ACF Integration Pro only

Collect ACF user data at registration and allow users to see and edit the data on their profile. Learn more

Private Content Plus & Pro only

Provide private content for all your users, as well as user specific content so you can tailor for each member. Learn more

Security illustration

Improve Your Site Security

Secure your membership site for a safer user experience

Two Factor Authentication Starter, Plus & Pro

Protect your users by allowing them to use two factor authentication when logging into your site. Learn more

Restrict Access to Content

Control how users access content on a per page/post basis or on a portion of your content through shortcodes.

Automatic Login & Password Management

Easily set up user registration and logout redirects with widgets or shortcodes. You can let users automatically login to their accounts, and manage passwords.

User Role Selection

Allow visitors to select a specific user role during registration. Useful if you have different roles for different content on your website.

GDPR Personal Data Starter, Plus & Pro

Allow users to request an export/erasure of personal data from the account page. Learn more

User Verification Starter, Plus & Pro

Take control over how you verify and moderate users. Learn more

Google reCaptcha Pro only

State of the art spam & abuse protection for your website. Learn more

Password Security Starter, Plus & Pro

Password confirmation, password strength meter, show password and more. Learn more

User Management Starter, Plus & Pro

Inactive user cleanup, prevent concurrent logins and more. Learn more

Prevent Site Access

Prevent access to the site for visitors who are not logged in.

Support Whenever You Need It

Unparalleled 360º expert and timely support

Support illustration
Extensive Documentation

Getting started is easy. We’ll provide all the documentation you need to get up and running in minutes!

Translation Ready

The WP User Manager codebase is ready to translate into your language. Translate fields, forms and emails with WPML.

Developer Friendly

Developers have easy access to customizable plugin templates and hooks, and support from our team.

Expert Support

If you need 1-on-1 help, we'll provide expert support straight from the plugin developer.


WP User Manager integrates and plays nice with various services and plugins

Twitter logo

Register and login with Twitter

Learn more
WooCommerce logo

Take payment at registration, allow members to update their addresses, display purchases, reviews and more

Learn more
Facebook logo

Register and login with Facebook

Learn more
Recaptcha placeholder

Spam & abuse protection with Google reCAPTCHA

Learn more
Linkedin placeholder

Register and login with LinkedIn.

Learn more
Mailchimp placeholder

Subscribe your members to Mailchimp lists easily during registration

Learn more
ACF logo

Collect ACF user data at registration and allow users to see and edit the data on their profile.

Learn more
Google signin image

Register and login with Google.

Learn more
Newsletter logo

Subscribe your members to your Newsletter plugin lists easily during registration.

Learn more
AutomatorWP logo

Connect WP User Manager to other plugins with automation using the AutomatorWP plugin.

Learn more
WPML logo

Create a multilingual membership site with the WPML plugin.

Learn more
Uncanny Automator logo

Connect WP User Manager to other plugins with automation using the Uncanny Automator plugin.

Learn more
Redis Object Cache logo

Speed up your sites with a persistent object cache backend powered by Redis with the Redis Object Cache and Object Cache Pro plugins.

Learn more
WP Webhooks logo

Automated workflows within WordPress with WP Webhooks.

Learn more
hCaptcha logo

Stop more bots. Start protecting user privacy with hCaptcha.

Learn more
Stripe logo

Collect credit card payments with Stripe for user registration.

Learn more
Falang logo

Multilingual site support with Falang.

Learn more
WP Fusion logo

Connect WordPress to anything with WP Fusion.

Learn more
Falang logo

Automated workflows within WordPress with SureTriggers.

Learn more