Beautiful User Directories

Create a list or multiple lists of users in your community, with avatars, pagination and personal details.

Build and sustain a community of people. WP User Manager makes it easy to create user directories with detailed profiles of your users. Experience ease of use and improve the efficiency of your community.
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Unlimited Directories

WP User Manager allows you to create and display unlimited user directories with their own criteria.

Directory Sorting

Set a sorting method for each of your directories and decide whether your visitors can change the sorting order from the front-end.

Directory Pagination

If you have a big community you might not want to display all your users all together. Each directory comes with a custom pagination allowing you to split the content on multiple pages.

Roles Restriction

WPUM makes it easy to create directories of specific user roles only. Create directories made of one or more user roles.

Amount modifier

Decide whether to display or hide the user’s amount modifier of your directory. Your visitors can customize how many users to display into the directory from the front-end.

User Information

Each directory will display some basic information about your users together with an avatar and a link to their full profile. Developers can customize the information to be displayed within the directory.

Exclude Users

If you wish to hide users from a specific directory, you can do so. Just enter the users ID numbers. Easy!

Custom Templates

WP User Manager comes with a predefine template to display your directories. Developers can also customize or create multiple different templates for each directory.

Search Form

Allow your visitors to search for users with specific filters into your directory.