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Custom Email Notifications

Customize the content of your email notifications and send beautifully designed emails.

Take Control of the WordPress Emails

Create custom email notifications thanks to the built-in editor. No more plain emails with links to the WordPress admin panel. Each email sent to your users can be easily customized, you can also apply a custom beautiful visual template to your emails.

WP User Manager custom email settings

Beautiful Templates

Get rid of the plain text emails and send personalized html emails to your users.

Registration Email

Customize the content of the email that is sent to the user after a successful registration.

Password Recovery

Customize the email that is sent to the user after they request for a password reset through your website.

Email Content Tags

Customize the content of each email with dynamic content. Use {sitename} to display the name of your site, more tags are available.

Easy Editing

The built-in emails editor is extremely easy to use. Customizing the content and the subject of your emails has never been easier.

Custom Notifications

Developers can also extend the plugin and easily add customizable email notifications that can be triggered at any time.

Disable Admin Password Email

Disable admin email notifications when a user asks for a password recovery through your website.

Disable Admin Registration Email

If needed, you can also decide to disable email notifications of new registrations to your website.

WP User Manager user directory settings

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