1.0.3 - 7th February 2022

  • Fix: Login redirect now switching languages and redirecting to the correct translated page

1.0.2 - 3rd September 2021

  • Fix: Profile, account and group page tabs not working with WPML language as a parameter setting
  • Fix: PHP notice WordPress database error Unknown column 'wpml' in 'where clause' for query

1.0.1 - 23rd Dec 2020

  • Improvement: Groups addon integration
  • Improvement: Filter the WPML menu language switcher to make sure it has shows the correct profile, account & group URLs
  • Improvement: Make sure the WPUM permalinks for profile & account tabs work for translated pages
  • Improvement: Translate the primary group name on the account form
  • Fix: Profile field names not showing translated strings
  • Fix: Fix placeholder field meta not getting string to translate on update


Initial release