1.2.3 - 25th January 2023

  • New: Shortcode for restricting content by membership of user groups - 'wpum_restrict_to_user_groups'
  • New: {joined_groups} email template tag for registration email to list groups joined at registration
  • Improvement: Group role names can now be filtered with the 'wpumgp_group_roles' filter
  • Fix: HTML in group content now rendered correctly on group page

1.2.2 - 13th May 2022

  • New: Number of members, privacy status and date columns now on the Groups admin page
  • Improvement: More performant code used to check groups for content restriction

1.2.1 - 1st September 2021

  • Fix: PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() when groups are not selected on the registration form

1.2 - 22nd August 2021

  • New: Users can select public groups to join from registration forms
  • Fix: Only 10 groups showing in the content restriction settings
  • Fix: Deleted users still appearing in groups

1.1.1 - 16th June 2021

  • Fix: Users added to groups correctly for very large user IDs
  • Fix: Fatal error if WP User Manager not active

1.1 - 23rd April 2021

  • New: Ability to assign users to groups in bulk from the wp-admin users screen
  • New: Allow admins to remove members from the group page
  • New: Allow admins export a CSV list of members from the Tools page of the group
  • Improvement: Hide users from group listing if their profile privacy is set to hidden
  • Fix: Edit group URL redirecting to homepage in some cases
  • Fix: Administrator role not added by default to the roles that can create groups
  • Fix: Fatal error Uncaught Error: Call to a member function get() on null on some installs

1.0.8 - 27th January 2021

  • Fix: Fix PHP Fatal error Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function wpumgp_default_emails()
  • Fix: Incorrect plugin slug in .pot file header

1.0.7 - 21st January 2021

  • Improvement: Add langauge .pot file for translation of plugin strings
  • Fix: Group header loaded at the top of the page when using Yoast SEO

1.0.6 - 12th January 2021

  • New: Integration with the Content Restriction addon. Restrict access to content by group membership and membership roles.

1.0.5 - 23rd Dec 2020

  • Improvement: WPML addon integration

1.0.4 - 7th Dec 2020

  • Fix: Users' groups not appearing on profile groups tab unless the user created the group

1.0.3 - 6th Dec 2020

  • Fix: Fatal error when viewing the groups on a profile

1.0.2 - 5th Dec 2020

  • New: Ability to set the privacy for a group as hidden
  • Fix: Group tab URLs broken on some installs

1.0.1 - 20th Nov 2020

  • New: Compatibility with the WPML addon
  • Fix: Getting groups by user id not working
  • Tweak: added new functions for developers
  • Tweak: added new hooks for developers


Initial release