2.0.8 - 22nd January 2023

  • Fix: Subscribing after user verification now works with multiple lists

2.0.7 - 13th August 2022

  • Fix: Double-optin list setting now respected on email subscription at registration

2.0.6 - 25th February 2022

  • Fix: List merge tags from Mailchimp now return more than 10 records

2.0.5 - 5th June 2021

  • Fix: Only showing first 10 lists from Mailchimp

2.0.4 - 8th May 2021

  • Improvement: Ability to not subscribe user to lists until after they have been verified or approved when using the User Verification addon

2.0.3 - 25th February 2021

  • New: Emails subscribed during registration with the Social Login addon
  • Improvement: Mergetags now mapped per list. Will require re-mapping if there are multiple lists with different mergetags
  • Fix: Syncing existing users doesn't update existing users
  • Fix: Syncing users doesn't update mergetags
  • Fix: Account form not saving checkboxes for list subscriptions
  • Fix: Email showing as subscribed to an archived list

2.0.2 - 26th June 2020

  • Fix: Optin list checkboxes not appearing on registration form with WPUM v2.3.7

2.0.1 - 4th March 2020

  • Fix: Subscription fails if the registration form doesn't have user name fields
  • Fix: Mailchimp lists appearing on the registration form if the API key isn't set anymore
  • Fix: PHP Notice: Undefined index: _mailchimp_api_key when saving WPUM Licenses page


  • Compatibility with WP User Manager 2.0.0


  • Fix: compatibility with older PHP versions


  • You can now configure custom fields to use merge fields. Requires the Custom Fields Addon