2.1.6 - 16th March 2023

  • Improvement: Query arguments to get expired users now filterable with 'wpumuv_get_expired_users_args'
  • Fkx: Bulk User resend email can now be disabled
  • Fix: User verified notice not showing when using 2FA

2.1.5 - 12th January 2021

2.1.4 - 8th December 2020

  • Fix: Unverified users appearing in user directories

2.1.3 - 23rd November 2020

  • New: Compatibility with the WPML addon

2.1.2 - 12th October 2020

  • New: Add setting to control if admin emails are sent after user verified instead of on registration
  • Improvement: Show notice if verification url is used but method is manual
  • Fix: Don't output the verification url link if method is manual
  • Fix: Redirect to the login page when a verification url is clicked but already verified
  • Fix: Moderation bulk actions not working

2.1.1 - 19th September 2020

  • New: 'wpumuv_verification_url' filter to alter the verification URL added to confirmation emails
  • New: 'wpumuv_after_user_verification' action after the user has verified their email address

2.1.0 - 15th June 2020

  • New: Setting to enable sending verification email every time an unverified user tries to login
  • New: WP CLI command to bulk set users back to pending verification - wp wpum revoke-users
  • New: WP CLI command to bulk resend verification emails - wp wpum resend-verification-email
  • New: Search, pagination, and column sorting for the Manage Signups table
  • New: Sort signups by latest first in the Manage Signups table
  • New: Ensure the verification flag is set for users created by other methods when using email verification
  • Improvement: Notice warning that the {verification_link} not present in the verification email

2.0.4 - 7th May 2020

  • New: Bulk action to set users back to pending verification on the Users screen
  • New: Bulk action to resend verification emails on Manage Signups screen
  • Fix: Installation failed on some installs - fixed by deactivation and reactivation

2.0.3 - 6th January 2020

  • New: Compatibility with WP User Manager 2.2 and Registration Forms addon

2.0.2 - 17th November 2019

  • New: Setting to select the user role for managing the signups on the site

2.0.1 - 12th November 2019

  • Fix: Singular text for 'Accounts pending confirmation'
  • Fix: Ensure plugin vendor directory exists
  • Fix: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'WPUM_License' when updating the WP User Manager plugin


  • New: Addon has been completely rewritten for compatibility with WPUM 2.0.0


  • Fix: show proper error message when trying to login via wp-login.php


  • Fix: compatibility with older PHP versions