2.1.0 - 18th March 2024

  • New: Support for LinkedIn OpenID network
  • Fix: Legacy LinkedIn network now deprecated

2.0.10 - 28th January 2023

  • Fix: Social login buttons now showing automatically on login and registration forms as expected

2.0.9 - 26th January 2023

  • Improvement: Only connected networks can now be selected for use
  • Improvement: Button CSS can now be disabled with the 'wpum_social_login_button_styles_enabled' filter
  • Improvement: Registration redirect URL can be filtered with 'wpum_get_registration_redirect'
  • Improvement: Links to social network documentation in the settings
  • Fix: Undefined array key "oauth2state"
  • Fix: Instagram network now deprecated

2.0.8 - 12th May 2022

  • Improvement: Query arguments in URLs can be passed through the login process with this filter
  • Fix: Social login now compatible when whole site is restricted
  • Fix: Redirect URL now correctly passed through the login process
  • Fix: Fix PHP Notice: Undefined index: display_name

2.0.7 - 23rd April 2021

  • Improvement: Ensure the display name format set in the main plugin is respected for social registrations
  • Improvement: Add 'wpum_after_social_login' filter
  • Improvement: Add $owner_details argument to the 'wpum_before_social_login' filter
  • Fix: Add support for social login buttons to the Two Factor Authentication login forms with the Security addon

2.0.6 - 8th March 2021

  • Fix: Users who are pending approval are able to login

2.0.5 - 26th February 2021

  • Improvement: Integration with the User Verification addon. Registrations will respect the user verification setting and need to be manually approved or a verification email sent

2.0.4 - 29th June 2020

  • New: Filter 'wpum_social_login_button_text' to allow developers to alter the button text
  • Improvement: Owner details passed to 'wpum_after_social_login_registration' where available
  • Fix: Twitter callback URL no longer accepting query strings, use /wpum/auth/twitter instead
  • Fix: LinkedIn error - you need to pass the scope parameter
  • Fix: Fatal error if Facebook Client ID or Secret are entered incorrectly

2.0.3 - 6th January 2020

  • New: Compatibility with WP User Manager 2.2 and Registration Forms addon

2.0.2 - 15th November 2019

  • Fix: Google error - Something went wrong: Legacy People API has not been used in project


  • Fix: buttons must be an array on first installation
  • Fix: issue with hosted domain Google parameter
  • Tweak: changed error message when no email is found and required


  • Added compatibility with WP User Manager 2.0.0
  • Added support for Twitter