Front-End Forms

Make it easy for your users to signup, login and manage their profile through your website.

WP User Manager makes it easy for your users to sign in, register and recover their passwords directly from the front-end of your website. Everything is done on the front-end and it allows you to provide a much more consistent and comfortable environment for your users.
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Login Forms

Easily add login forms with customizable labels and options anywhere on your site.

3 Login Methods

Allow your users to login onto your website with their email address, username or with both.

Registration Forms

Provide your users a customizable registration form on the front-end of your website. Create unlimited forms with the Registration Forms addon.

Custom Login Redirect

You can decide to redirect users to a custom page or url after they login onto your website.

Password Recovery

Your users can recover and reset their password from the front-end of your website.

Easy Linking

Decide whether to hide or display links to your login/password/registrations pages for each form.