Shortcodes Editor

Customize the content of your email notifications and send beautifully designed emails.

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Forms Shortcode

Easily add login, password recovery and registration forms anywhere into your site with the easy to use shortcodes editor.

Restrict Content

Easily restrict content access to your users with different restriction methods, you can read more about restrictions shortcodes here.

Pages Shortcode

No more complex settings, simply add a shortcode to your page and you’ll have a custom account area and profiles area for your users, quick and easy.

Logout Links

Need a quick logout link? No worries, we’ve got you covered, just add a shortcode and you can also decide where to redirect your users after logout.

Users Shortcodes

Display recently registered users, or a single user profile card or even a full user directory with these 3 practical and easy to use shortcodes, anywhere on your site.