Find out about some of the other features that make WP User Manager the most poweful users management plugin for WordPress.

Get Started

Disable Admin Bar

WP User Manager allows you to disable the admin bar for all your users or if you want, you can disable it for specific user roles only.

Disable Usernames

WPUM allows you to disable your visitors from using certain usernames when they register or when they edit their nicknames. For example you can disable the username “admin” and users won’t be able to use it.

Terms & Conditions

With a single click, you can activate a “terms & conditions” checkbox that users must enable before registering to your website.

Automatic Login

Upon successful registration, if enabled, your users will be automatically logged into their account.

User Role Selection

Upon registration you can allow visitors to select a specific user role during registration. Useful if you have different roles for different content on your website.