General Settings

The general settings screen allows you setup the required pages of the plugin together with other options such as:

  1. Password strength setup
  2. Disable Admin Bar for user roles
  3. Login method
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Registration Settings

The registration settings screen allows you to review and configure the registration options of your website. Some of the options included are

  1. Allow users to use custom passwords upon registration
  2. Allow user role selection upon registration
  3. Display terms & conditions on the registration form
  4. Enable automatic login after registration
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Email Notifications Editor

The email notifications screen allows you to customize the emails that are sent by WP User Manager. Through this page you can customize the email template, and the content of each email.

WPUM also allows you to disable admin notifications sent on new registration or when a user resets his password.

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Profiles Configuration

The profiles configuration screen allows you to review your profiles permalink settings and enable/disable viewing restrictions.

Other options allow you to enable custom avatars, and decide what kind of content to display within the user’s profiles.

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Custom Redirect Settings

The custom redirects configuration panel allows you to specify pages redirections based on specific criteria such as

  1. Login redirect
  2. Logout redirect
  3. Backend registration page redirect
  4. Backend profile page redirect
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Other Tools

The tools page contains a few other settings that help you manage your site. In case of problems, you can restore the core pages of the plugin with the click of a button.

The “exclude username” option allows you to disable specific username/nicknames to be used on your site.

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Custom Fields Editor

The custom fields editor helps you in customizing the fields on your site. The drag & drop editor allows you to change the order of the fields.

Each field can also be customized. Soon, you’ll also be able to add new fields and new groups through the usage of an addon.

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User Directories

The user directories panel allows you to create unlimited lists of your members with different specific settings for each directory.

Each directory comes with a built-in filters editor that allows your users to adjust the filtering order of your directory with different methods.

Soon, we will release an update where you will also be able to display a search form on top of the directory.

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Shortcodes Editor

An helpful shortcodes editor comes embedded into your pages editor. No need to learn and remember each shortcode. Simply use the editor to add different shortcodes to your website pages or posts.

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Account Page

The account page allows logged in users to manage their profiles and customize their details. The order of the fields can be changed through the fields editor admin panel. Furthermore users can also change their password.

The layout of the page is split in tabs, developers can also extend the content of the page and add new tabs with custom content.

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Front-End Profile

The front-end profile page displays the current user public profile and other users public profiles.

Each profile can display information about the user and if enabled, it can also display comments made and posts made by the user.

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Password Recovery Form

The password recovery form is displayed to non logged in users when they have forgotten their password.

Once they’ve requested a new password, an email will be sent to them with a special link to this same page. Once the page is accessed through this special link, the form will change and will allow the user to setup his new password.

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Login Form

Through the use of a shortcode or a widget, you can add unlimited login forms to any page or post of your website. The layout of the form will adapt itself depending on which theme you’re running.

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Registration Form

Through the use of a shortcode or a widget, you can add a registration form to any page or post of your website. Fields can be configured and customized through the admin panel of the plugin. Addons can also enhance the form.

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