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Registration moderation & verification

WP User Manager Published on June 21, 2016

Today’s release day! I’m happy to announce that the user verification add-on is now available for download. The add-on allows site’s administrators to send a verification link via email upon registration or manually approve users before they can login.

How it works

When enabled, the add-on will lock login for users that haven’t been approved/verified. Depending on which mode you select, users will either receive an email with a verification link or you can decide which users to approve/reject.

If you’ve enabled email verification and users haven’t verified their account within 30 days, you can also enable automatic removal of those accounts.

Signups Manager

Schermata 2016-06-20 alle 16.15.20

The signups manager page allows site’s administrators to view and moderate registrations. The page will display all users that have an account pending approval or that haven’t verified their account via email yet. From here you can choose to manually approve, reject or re-send a verification email.

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