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The future of WP User Manager

WP User Manager Published on February 12, 2018

Hi everyone, this is a companion announcement to this one I’ve published on ThemesDepot which I own too.

In that announcement I’ve explain why I’ve been unavailable for a long time and why there’s been a lack of support and updates to my products.

I would like to apologize to all customers and free users who have been using WPUM and have not received support or updates but I’m now extremely excited to be back.

All currently open support request will be answered shortly starting today.

Rebuilding WP User Manager

WP User Manager will be rebuilt entirely from scratch with a new and faster codebase and an entirely new and user friendly interface. This is something I had planned a long time ago but never managed to start due to the circumstances explained into the post mentioned above.

The social media add-on

A lot of people have been asking for the social media add-on. It’s finished and it needs some polishing but it’ll be released very soon possibly this week.

Rebuilding the add-ons

Following the refactoring of the main free plugin, add existing add-ons will be refactored too with improved functionalities and new features.

I need your feedback

New add-ons are planned and I’ll share more on these a later point meanwhile I need to know what issues you have with WPUM right now and what functionalities you wish it had or what you think could be improved.

If you have an idea or a feature request please send me an email or post it into the support forum.

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