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Introduction for developers to WP User Manager

Iain Poulson avatar
Iain Poulson Last updated on March 6, 2021

WP User Manager has been coded with developers in mind, the code is well laid out, easy to read, and documented. The source code for WPUM is also highly extensible, which makes it easy for developers to hook in custom functionalities, or modify existing parts of the plugin.

Github – For Tracking

The entire source code of WP User Manager is available on Github. This is also the place where bugs and enhancements are tracked. Furthermore milestones are created as an easy way to track features and fixes that are released with each new update.

Code Organization

The source of code of WP User Manager is organized in separate, meaningfully named files and folders. For example, all functions, filters and actions related to “User Directories” can be found into the sub folder “includes/directories”. In this folder you will find additional files named after it’s purpose. For example: the functions.php file into the “directories” subfolder contains all the functions for working with user directories.  

Functions and Classes naming

All functions, with no exception, are prefixed with “wpum_”. This helps ensure that the plugin does not cause any conflict with other plugins or functions with similar/same names.

For example, do not create functions named like this:

function my_function() {
	// Your code here

Instead, you should do this:

function wpum_my_function() {
	// Your code here

PHP Classes should also follow the same naming rules.

Submitting your addons

If you have written a custom addon and you wish to be listed onto the website, please
get in touch so I can review it for you.

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