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Managing signups

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Iain Poulson Last updated on March 6, 2021

The user verification addon comes with 2 registration moderation modes. Manual approval and email verification. To select which mode you’d like to use, navigate to Users – settings -> registration -> User verification -> verification method.

Email verification mode:

Once enabled, users have to click a link within their registration email to verify their account. When the link is clicked, users will be redirected to your website and a notice will display whether or not their account has been automatically approved. 

An error message will only appear if the verification key for the user is wrong or the user has already been verified.

Note: the link within the registration email will not be automatically added. You will have to manually add a new email tag to your registration email text.

Navigate to Users -> emails and edit the “registration email”. A new email tag is now available and it’s called 


Add the tag to your email and save the settings. You’re done 🙂

If users do not verify their account within 30 days, their account is automatically deleted from the site if you enable the option.

Manual verification mode:

The manual verification mode allows site administrators to manually moderate registrations to the site. You can choose which users you will approve or reject.

Note: rejecting a user signup, will delete his account.

Navigate to Users -> Manage signups to see pending registrations.

Hovering with your mouse onto a user will display 3 different actions. You can decide to approve, reject or send a new verification email to the user. An email will be sent to the user in all 3 cases. You can customize these 3 new emails in Users -> Emails. There you will see 3 new emails available from the emails editor.

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