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Select fields to display in a user directory

Iain Poulson avatar
Iain Poulson Last updated on August 24, 2021

This feature is only available with the Custom Fields addon

By default the user directory list will show the avatar, name and user bio for each user. But with the Custom Fields addon (version 2.4 and higher), you can select which fields you want to show.

When you edit the directory via Users > Directories > Edit, you will see a new box for ‘User Fields’. Here you can select which user fields to show and in what order:

Once you’ve selected the columns, you will need to change the ‘Directory Template’ to set the ‘User Template’ to be
Multiple Columns:

Your directory will then look something like this:

You can customize the directory template by copying it to yourtheme/wpum/directory/single-multiple_columns.php and making the changes needed.
Read more about template customization.

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