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Getting Started with the Groups Addon

Iain Poulson avatar
Iain Poulson Last updated on March 6, 2021

The Groups addon allows you and your members (who have a specific role) to create groups.

A group can either be public or private.

  • Anyone can join public groups
  • Anyone can ask to join a private group, but they need to be approved by a group moderator

See more about moderating group members https://wpusermanager.comarticle/251-moderating-group-members

Groups can be created by users with specific roles or by site admins https://wpusermanager.comarticle/249-creating-a-new-group

Groups can be edited by group admins and site admins https://wpusermanager.comarticle/252-editing-a-group

If the name ‘Group’ doesn’t fit your sites structure, eg. you want members to join organizations instead, then you can change the name https://wpusermanager.comarticle/248-changing-the-name-of-the-group-object

The groups a user is a member of, appear on their profile page under a new tab.

You can display all the groups in a directory using a shortcode https://wpusermanager.comarticle/250-displaying-a-directory-of-groups

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